EZ Sap Sack Holder Kit
Assembly Instructions

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 1

Place EZ Sap Sack Holder inside top of bag, with bag even with top of holder. Keyhole must be on upper end near top of bag.

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 2

Place a cable tie around holder and bag. The tie must be in the groove on the holder or the bag will slip off. Note that the serrated side of the cable tie faces out.

Turn the cable tie so the head is opposite the keyhole, and pull the cable tie tight. Trim off tie end with end cutters (not included).

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 3

Fold the bag top down and over the cable tie. Work it down until it is somewhat snug and secure with a second cable tie. Note that there is not a groove for this tie. About an inch below the first tie is fine. As before, twist the cable tie so the head is opposite the keyhole. Pull the tie tight, and cut off the tie end.

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 4

Slide on flexible vinyl cap.

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 5

The horizontal slot in the keyhole is clearance for the unused tube nipple of the tap.
Note that the hanger is much easier to install if about an inch of  the 5/16″ nose of the tap is protruding from the tree. If you drill a true straight hole with a 5/16″ drill bit this is where the tap will normally tighten.

Note that it is often easier to attach and remove holder if the tube nipple is turned about 30 degrees left or right from the straight down position.

EZ Sap sack Holder Kit

Step 6

The easiest method to attach is to turn the holder horizontal to the tube nipple, and slide holder over tap. Then turn holder straight vertical and slide holder down until it catches in the keyhole.


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