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We are Steve and Carol White. In 1998 we quit the corporate world of Dilbert cartoon fame and moved to our cabin with our 2 children. Our “cabin” was a small hunting lodge on the Thornapple River in Northwestern Wisconsin.

After a few years of house construction, Steve transformed his life-long interest in the outdoors and wood working into his full-time job. He began making furniture as a hobby in the late 1980’s. We started River Ridge Products making designer crochet hooks, and other small items. After we started selling Dymondwood and began wood stabilizing, time constraints forced us to stop making crochet hooks.

Within the last few years there have been a lot of changes. Our kids are grown, and we have added employees. Our beloved Border Collie lived a long full life and is no longer with us. We now have two sweet natured lab mixes named Burl and Ashley.

After we added employees, Carol moved from the office to the shop. She calls herself the shop “Forelady”. Stabilizing has become our core business. We are currently working on two new product lines.

Family & Staff of River Ridge

We live in an area that is locally referred to as “The Big Woods.” This is a major timber production area that includes tens of thousands of acres of county forest. Fortunately most landowners and the local government agencies practice sustainable forestry. This area is much more heavily forested today
than it was 70 to 100 years ago.

Much of our wood is obtained locally from loggers. With a few exceptions we saw, kiln dry, and stabilize the native woods that we sell. Steve is a mechanical engineer with a background in construction, design and manufacturing. He has used that background to design and build our buildings,
kilns and stabilization systems.

We put in a lot of time and effort into the products that we make. We take pride in our products and want it to meet all of your expectations. We’ve enjoyed conversing with many of you who have purchased our products and greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Thank You!
Steve & Carol White

Have Questions? Phone Us At: (715) 532-3015!

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