Custom Resin Stabilizing for Your Wood

Custom Resin Stabilizing for Your Wood

Stabilizing Order Form

Plastic Impregnation

We can resin stabilize your wood. We use a pressure impregnation process with a heat curable polymer resin. Not sure if this will work for your wood? Check out our Trial Offer.

Potential Benefits of Wood Stabilization

  • Brings out the beauty of the wood by adding contrast to the grain and figuring
  • Reduce end grain tear out
  • Hardens soft or spalted woods
  • Significantly reduces effects of humidity changes
  • Reduces finishing time (varies with species)
  • Greatly improved dimensional stability for burls and highly figured woods
  • Please note that stabilizing will not repair cracks and holes

Clear Stabilization Prices: Stabilizing Order Form (information to be sent with your wood)

Less than 3 lbs: $12.50 per lb
3 lb to 10 lbs: $12.00 per lb
10 lb to 30 lbs: $11.00 per lb
30 + lbs: $9.50 per lb (Charge base on finished weight)

If you wish to test our process see our Trial Offer described below.

Estimating Your Costs

For reference, an average pen blank weighing 2 ounces after stabilization will cost about $1.25 each. A 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 6″ game call blank will average $5.30 stabilizing cost. These estimates are based on the $10.00 10-30 lb clear rate.

Most woods will weigh between 9/16 and 11/16 ounces per cubic inch (60 lbs to 75 lbs per cubic ft) after stabilization. If estimating weight, remember that a typical box of packed wood is typically a quarter to a third dead air space.

Trial Offer

Our Trial Offer is good for evaluating our stabilizing process before processing a larger quantity of wood, or if you aren’t familiar with stabilized wood. For those reasons, we encourage you to take advantage of our trial offer.

Send us up to 4 pen blanks, or 2 knife scales, or 8 ounces of wood up to 6 inches long, and a personal check for $16.00 (US customers), and we will clear stabilize and return ship. If you know, please tell us the species of wood. Dyed colors are not available with trial offer. (The $16.00 is for stabilizing and USPS Priority mail return postage). For International customers, email us your country and we can check current postal rates. Please use our Stabilizing Order Form for information to be sent with your wood.

Processing Time

We can usually ship clear stabilized wood in about three weeks from the time we receive it. This does not include transit times both ways. If you have a rush order, please contact us prior to shipment. During some busy times of the year we may need extra time depending on volume.

Wood Preparation Instructions: Stabilizing Order Form for information to be sent with your wood.

Dyed and Stabilized

Note to our valued customers: We no longer offer dyed and stabilized in less than full tank load quantity. We apologize for the inconvenience. More crowded production schedules and logistics forced us to make the change. Stabilizing Order Form for information to be sent with your wood.

Less than 30 lbs: NOT AVAILABLE
30 + lbs: $13.50 per lb (Finished weight) (30 lbs is about 225 pen blanks, or 100 knife blanks.)

Standard colors are Wine, Bright Green (peridot), Blue Turquoise, Blue, Red, Violet, Gold, Bronze (light shade of brown). In 30 lb quantities other colors are available. Contact us with your requirements to discuss your project.


  • Effectiveness of stabilizing varies with species and condition of wood
  • Wood must be dry with moisture content below 10%. If you wood is too wet to stabilize, we will call
  • Oily woods in particular are not good candidates for stabilization
  • Percentage weight change after stabilization varies considerably with species and condition of wood
  • Some warping and cracking can occur due to curing heat. Again varies with species, but tends to be more of an issue with cross cuts and highly spalted woods
  • Stabilization will darken the wood to a degree. This effect will vary considerably by species
  • Please note that stabilizing will not repair cracks and holes

The majority of our business is repeat customers. Our goal is for you to be pleased!

Have Questions? Phone Us At: (715) 532-3015!

Return Policy: 

We stand behind our products and services 100%. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please give us a call, 715-532-3015, and we will exchange, give credit, or refund your purchase. If you’re not satisfied with any standard product, return it for an exchange or refund whichever you choose. You are responsible for the return shipping charges except for defective product or product that is not the item you ordered.  Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the invoice date. We reserve the right to refuse returns on custom items or special order products. Please send any returns to:

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