Dymondwood Turning Blanks and Pen Blanks

Dymondwood is a dense, warp-resistant material that finishes to a high polish without stains or finishes.

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Special Note to our customers:  Since the Rutland Plywood factory fire in late August we have experienced a large increase in sales volume for Dymondwood. Available inventory is limited to stock on hand. We still have significant stock in many colors, but  currently have a 2 to 3 week backlog of  open orders.  We need to process existing orders so we can determine how much remaining stock we still have available for sale.

We have taken down the Dymondwood shopping cart while we process open orders. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Like everyone else that uses Dymondwood, we are waiting for any news concerning Dymondwood. We have been told Rutland Plywood will not rebuild. But we understand there is a possibility Dymondwood could be licensed or sold to another manufacturer. If we get any further information we will pass it along.